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Technology is improving in a quick manner and is invading our lives in the majority of tasks. The machinery is developing in parallel with the technology, yet several hard functions are done by the mechanical system. I totally agree that the advantages of these instruments outweigh their disadvantages.
Modern technology has equipped us with machines, which are working like robots. There are positive and
Modern technology has equipped us with machines, which are working like robots. There are positive and negative effects of these machines on the individual and the society, which I shall highlight in this essay.
In the comtemporary era, Machines are exceptionally complicated and a lot of challenging tasks are performed by automated machines. Although this phenomenon will effect the employment of the people to some extent but tasks will be completed on time without any errors and this will also ensure workers safety. In my opinion complex tasks should be performed by machines; nevertheless, both positive and negetive aspects will be discussed in this essay.
Machines in today's world are complex in terms of structure or its working. The intrduction of automation of daily works through machine has both advantages and disadvantages.In my opinion it is more of a disadvantage because despite it has the power of getting complex work done easily using machines (i.e automation) it can also be noteworthy that it can bring down the need of man power that are required in getting those jobs done.
Modern technology has equipped with machines. With the invent of machineries work become easier and convenient for the individuals and the society. This advancement has both more positive effects in comparison to a negative effect, which articulate in the enlisted paragraphs.
Automation can have some drawbacks to companies and workers. For example, it is expensive to invest in automating since machines need to be used for the whole line of production. The reason for this is the different speeds between human and machine, for that workers may not catch up with the machine's workloads, which leads to delay. For this reason, companies need to invest a large amount of money to fully replace workers with machines.
In recent times, equipment that has been implemented for numerous stringent occupations, tend to be enormously complicated. I strongly believe that the positive repercussions for this development prevail over the demerits.
There are many advantages in using the tools that are sometimes multiplex, however, they have functions that are fast-automatic, moreover, they do not need to control.These situations have either positive or negative conditions, and I will discuss that causes and show what is more convenient.
Nowadays, there are a different kind of challenging works could be done by machines automatically which is well-designed and functional. I will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of those machines.
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