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Nowadays,in this new era the humankind think that cash are the best present in young people,while the other told that it is not good.In this Essay i would discuss the views,and some of my opinion that the foremost offering gift of the childrens the money are not that the youngsters they know the value of the good moral and they know love and affection are the most important largess.
The given bar chart provide the information about the amount of money earned via exporting several products of a particular country in 2015 and 2016. The data table illustrates the differences in percentages of the provided categories in 2016 in relation to those in 2015.
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Young people like the gift and could able to see happiness in their faces. According to someone, gifting money would be the greatest gladness to person but unlikely it affects their behavior. This essay will discuss both views and logical conclusions on which is top will be derived at the end of the discussion.
Although it is sometimes thought that the most appropriate present for the juvenile is fund, others believe otherwise. In my view, I consider that finance can be a source of poverty for them. .
People assume that giving money is the greatest gift for new generation.Whereas,at the same time other people are not concuring with the given statement.Having money boosts number of illicit activities among adults alongwith unresponsibility.However,nowadays youth taking benefits from steeply increasing in bussiness subjects for making their bright career after graduation.Additionally,lots of money sometimes make them leasy,unskillful as well as uneducated person.
The contentious argument that whether giving money is the perfect gift to the young people has sparked a heated debate among many. Some folks believe that it is beneficial to give a monetary gift to the younger generation while some set of people disagree with this view of giving money as a gift to the youngsters. In my opinion, I agree with the view of giving monetary gifts in place of other gifts due to various reasons.
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