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Many people spend most of their leisure time watching the television and It is thus argued by some people that the television could make people idle and reduce their interaction with others. I agree with this notion because television viewing often interfere with the daily schedule of people and it encourages them to stay indoors.
The Peasant scenaio in the world , more people are watching television as a hobby and get visual information via news, in other way children who spend time with television shows , are not communicating with society and they try to eat without jobs. This essay is how people manage their time with television.
There is no doubt that these days, most of the communities suppose that TV is the worse thing ever, However it gives more information such as news, and some methods concedring cook and so on. And many believe is not good at all. The question is TV has diminished the free period of society. It could do the community lazy and not socializing with others. In this, an essay I am going to discuss my opinion.
There is no doubt that these days, TV is not popluar theses days, as a result, with smartphone people prefer to spend more time on smartphone rather than to spend more time on TV. The question is, TV could create the community lazy and not socialise with others and has diminished the free period of community? In this essay I am going to discuss my pros and cons.
In this contemporary era,Television has become a vital source of entertainment.However,it occupied family's precious time and made them less active.Moreover,individuals spend most of their time in front of this entertainment box and the need for communica
Since last few decades, television has been the main source of entertainment for everyone. While many people use it to relax or enjoy during their free time, others believe that it has eaten up the free time of people and has made them lethargic. I wholeh
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