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The pie chart above shows the various paths taken by anthropology graduates after finishing their courses. Underneath is a table showing data regarding the distribution of payment these graduates received after a few yea
The chart illustrates how many students from one university, that learned Anthropology, integrated into the working market, while the table describes the level of salaries and type of employment.
The pie chart indicates information about the destinations of Anthropology students after graduation from university, and the table provides data about their salaries after five years of work.
The given pie chart illustrates what undergraduate students in anthropology did they do after finishing their course. Also, another chart depicts the wages of anthropologists after five years of work. Overall, the pie ch
The chart below presents 6 distinctive destinations (Full-time Work, Full-time postgrad study, Part-time Work, Unemployed, Part-time work+postgrad study and Not known) of Anthropology graduate degree students, while the
The pie chart provides information about the destination of Anthropology graduates and the table indicates their salaries in various types of employment after 5 years of work.
The first pie chart provides information about the percentage of Anthropology graduates from a particular university who pursued various activities after completing their undergraduate degree. The second table displays t
The given pie chart is a figure revealing data about the destination of graduated students who just got their degrees recently from one university in Anthropology, while the table shows the profit of graduates of Anthrop
The pie chart illustrates the number of Anthropology students who worked after graduating from one university. Whereas the table provides information about the comparison of salaries of the anthropologists after five ye
The pie chart gives information about the employment status of Anthropology alumnus from a particular university after completing their undergraduate degree course, however the table illustrates how much the anthropologi
The chart below illustrates the future careers of Anthropology graduates from one university. The salaries of the anthropologists in work after five years can be seen in the table.
The pie chart and table illustrate what Anthropology student did after graduating from one university and their remuneration after working for 5 years.
The following chart illustrates what anthropology students from a specific university did establishing their bachelor’s degree course. While the table demonstrates the paycheck of the anthologists after five years of emp
The pie chart illustrates what anthropology graduates in one university did after finishing their bachelor degree, categorized by six distinct destination and measured in percentage. Meanwhile, the table gives informatio
The pie chart illustrates the Anthropology graduates' destination after they finish their bachelor's degree, alongside the provided data of their wages as an anthropologist after five years' work.
The chart reveals what had been done by a university anthropology graduates right after finishing their course. Additionally, salaries of anthropologist with five years of working experience are also presented.
The bar chart illustrates the activities that was done by anthropology bachelors after they had graduated from One University. Meanwhile, the table indicates how much money earned by anthropologist who has work for five
The pie chart compares what one university’s Anthropology students did after completing their undergraduate degrees, while the given table provides information about how much money they earned after 5 years.
The pie chart illustrates the proportion of Anthropology graduates who engaged in six different categories of jobs after completing their undergraduate degree. The table demonstrates the amount of money which was earned
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