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Dear Mr. john Hope you are having a great day. Gratefully, I would like to present to you an idea that is extremely useful for the company in general and for me privately,Actually, Last week I received an invitation to a
I am Raj Shah, working in the marketing department under your guidance. I am writing this letter regarding an invite that I received for a 3-day training program "A Proficient Marketing" in Delhi.
This is with reference to the invitation that I received from XYZ financing for three days training program on advanced sales and technology. Moreover, this event is one of a kind as we do not see any such events with te
My name is Shikha, and I am working as a Java developer in your team. I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I have received an invitation regarding the JAVA training programme at our headquarters office in D
I am writing this in regard to the mail received on the Machine learnring course event at our headquarter office. I will be free next month and thinking of attending the same;hence, I am requesting you to look into this
I am writing to let you know that one organization have sent me an invitation for their three days training program which is related to my occupation in our company. And I do believe that it will enhance my knowledge a
I am writing this letter to explain about a new training program required for our sales team. It is a five-day course focusing on English language communication skills. The training addresses both speaking and writing sk
I have been working in the same project for almost 2 years . I would like explore few opportunities from my current role, so I have enrolled for Phyton training and will be on leave from 15th December to 17th December.
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