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I am writing to you to explain the letter that, I am going to work in your restaurant becouse l need to money. I think this work to brief introduction and expressing interest in the job. So that I am intresting to this w
The reason why I am addresing you that it is problem work every day.If I was studyied, I would have passed. I am working every day, because l have not money.
The reason why I am addressing you is that, I saw an advertisement for a part-time job in a restaurant and I ask you to hire me because I have enough knowledge and experience about this job.
I am writing this letter to request in your innovative restaurant has, like advertisement for part-time the job. I want to apply for working in your restaurant.
My name is Sakshi. I came across the recent advertisement about the position of a receptionist to work in the evening hours. I am interested in this position to work as a part-time associate.
My name is Valli, and I came across your recent advertisement regarding the position available for an assistant manager to work in the evening hours. So, I am writing to apply for this part-time job in your restaurant.
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