While recruiting a new employee, the employer should pay more attention to their personal qualities, rather than qualifications and experience. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

Good employees are very important for any companies. They represent the company and share opinion about company outlook to the outside world. It is very important to recruit people with point of view for frictionless and smooth running for any company. The employee need to found some balance between personal qualities, qualification, and experience. Recruiter need to found some balance between personal qualities, qualification, and experience. I agrre both of these components are important. At the outset, there are numerous reasons whu both of these componentsare important but the most conspicuous one lise in the fact that, nobody want sher job with person which is grumpy, rude, play unfair despite, that employee have a hight education, and big job experience. When people have that kind of person in team, atmosphere in job is taff. New study says this is the masters reason why people now often change job. Comunnication skills is also important when employee have a contact with customers. Nobody want make shopping in shops, or enjoy to the dinner in restaurant, where have a job people with lacking social skills. On the other hand, there are many occupations that do require social skills, experience and education. For example, for pilot, it is necessary to have experience, education and also have personal qualities. Personal qualities are important when they have a contact with passengers and other team members, but in case of some emergency situation, personal qualities isn't enought. That time, most important is education about how the airplaine works, what is the emergency procedure and extensive pilot experience. In summary, both components are important on different the types of jobs. For specialists' jobs experience and education play a first plan role, however, for occupations related to personal contact, social skills is a crucial element.
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