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There are many factors that companies consider when they recruit new employees. While some people argue that recruiters have to be more focused on candidates' personal qualities, I believe those who think that qualifica
Employers consider many factors when hiring new staff. Some argue that personal traits of a potential employee are more important than their qualifications and experience. I tend to disagree.
Undoubtedly, several aspects are considered while choosing a deserving candidate for a certain job positions, but few individuals give more priority to their capabilities rather than academic knowledge and skills, so I p
Undoutedly, several aspects are considered while choosing a deserving candidate for certain job position, but few individuals give more priority to their capabilities rather than acadamic knowledge and skills, so i parti
It is a debate about whether employers should consider employee's personal qualities rather than qualifications and experiences in the recruitment process. I particularly support this idea. I will explain my points of vi
Consideration of individual atributes which are compared to the paper qualifications and work experience should be increased while interviewing people. I strongly agree with his phenomenon because particular experiences
Personal qualities are considered to be the most important factor for a lot of entrepreneurs looking for new workers. Of course, candidates with great professional experience are more likely to be chosen by bosses. Howe
There is no doubt that it is taking personal unique skills into consideration is an important thing when the employee is in his new job. However, although unique qualities are an important factor to differentiate each w
Nowadays, the job market requires to individuals have some skills and competencies in a specific field. Some people argue that the employer should be more focused on personal qualities, rather than working experience and
In the contemporary world, where so many companies are in competition with one another, their employees play a very significant role in their success. Therefore, the whole process of recruiting them is an indispensable r
Nowadays, worldwide companies are expanding, resulting in an increasing number of jobs and in some situations, it becomes challenging for human resources to hire a perfect candidate. Some recruits based on qualifications
Good qualification improves personal qualities as well in the human being and with experience one becomes more mature. It is debated that at the time of recruitment the employer should focus on one specific criterion li
Unemployment has been an issue over the years in most countries. This is why some people presume that employers should concentrate more on a person's personality and not their work experience and level of academic achiev
the character of individuals is the most important aspect for hiring,which is more worth than both their experiences or degrees that they used to acquire in the prospect of some people,whereas to me all of them are indis
Human resource is one of the most important and influencing asset for a company. Job seekers are usually asked to present their job qualification and knowledge while they are having interview and employers will identify
These days, there are presumptions such as a great stake of hiring people should take place by giving due consideration to characteristics rather than just the certifications and past experience. I partially agree with t
The continued rise of the world's population is a big problem such as enviroment’s problem, climate change and poverty in third world countries. In my opinion it's a kind of problem that everybody knows but literally has
It is commonly believed that employees should be more aware of personal qualities rather than qualifications and experience when hiring new personnel. I partially agree with this belief because even though personal chara
According to some people, during the hiring ,process the recruiter ought to look for the personal attributes of applicants instead of their experience and qualifications. I disagree with this viewpoint because a qualifie
Whilst hiring a fresher employer should have individual potential and strength, except they have an educational degree and last endeavour experience. However, I completely agree that employer should have good qualities t
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