Art classes, such as painting and drawing, are as important for children's development as other subjects, so it should be compulsory in high school. Do you agree or disagree?

I agree that art related subjects are important for the development of children. However, it does not mean that we should add these courses into syllabus for high school students as other compulsory subjects as will now be discuss. It is true that art subjects have profound impacts on a child's development. Studying art courses enrich their soul and spiritual life. My younger sister, a twelfth grade student, told me that painting lessons help her see life in different angles and relax after studying other difficult subjects in school. In high school, students have to study compulsory subjects such as economics, computer science which may lead to employment prospects, but life would meaningless if we just spend all our time for working. Despite of above arguments, I believe that art subjects should be optional in high school. In compulsory curriculum, students have to study many difficult subjects and they also have to spend time on other outdoor activities. If we add art courses as a mandatory subject, students have to study harder. The more compulsory subjects, the more pressure for students. In addition, some students do not have any talent at drawing, that would be pity when they study for hours but they cannot create a work of art. Therefore, studying art courses put more pressure on their shoulder and waste time for studying other important subjects. In conclusion, I do not agree that art subjects should be required for high school students although they are have many advantages like other compulsory subjects.
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