In schools and universities, girls tend to choose arts while boys like science. What are the reasons for this trend and do you think this tendency should be changed?

It has been observed that girls are much more inclined towards artistic and creative endeavours than boys who generally tend to be inclined towards scientific pursuits. This generalisation holds true for both genders as a whole but cannot be held true for each individual person. For example there are many male artists, and in feilds such as beauty,nursing and teaching which are considered female dominated have male participation. Similarly one can find women engineers. Each person has its own interests and inclinations based on their abilities and background. How much the genders affect their choices is up for debate. Scientists with background in hard sciences like psychologists argue with emperical data that biological sex has a huge role to play in determining people's choices but the sociologists suggest that gender is an socially constructed phenomenon and roles and behaviours of males and females are enforced by the society which compells boys and girls to chose differently. The answers may lie in how our biology evolved. It has been observed that females have taken the roles of caregivers. As caregivers women often pursue professions like nursing or teaching. Another reason may be physical strength, the professions that involve lot of physical efforts like coal mining are not intresting to most women as they are less competent in this area due to their biology. Men on the other hand have taken the roles of exploration and hunting to provide for their family. This led to scientific thinking and indsutrialisation which explains boys interest in the scietific domain. I think that individual freedom to chose and equality of opportunity should be given to both sexes and merit should be the sole factor for what profession one pursues. This trend is not alarming and in sync with biology therefore much will not be acheived trying to reverse it.
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