Millions of people every year move to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Britain or America, in order to study at school, college or university. Why do so many people want to study in English? Why is English such an important international language? Give reasons for your answer You should write at least 250 words. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

It is not surprising that most of the people wish to learn English. The reason is not only that this language one of the common language but also unlike other most common languages it is become international language. For example, some languages are common because natives of language conquered many lands and the language remained in those land while English is common and used in places where UK didn’t even conquer or attendant. This means other languages only used in certain areas while English used worldwide. Another reason is it quite easier to learn than other languages. In English it is approximately 12000 or more words which is a lot less than others. It doesn’t have much grammar rules like other languages and the such as IELTS and TOEFL are require for admission to countries where English is not first or even second language. Also education system in English speaking countries are the best and some of the universities and colleges are ranked in the top places universities such as Harvard university, Oxford university, Cambridge university and etc. Their diplomas are recognized everywhere. Most of the graduates become famous in their field of study. Additionally, almost all of the English speaking countries are well developed and economical stable which is why it attract most of foreigners. These countries top almost in every field or industry. In conclusion, there is no end of benefit of English language knowledge and there is a lot more reason for why people learn this language. But in my opinion one of the best benefits of this language is communication. The people who know this language can communicate even with people in non-English speaking countries.
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