Leaders and directors in an organization are frequently older people. Some people think young leaders would be better. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Globalization has changed the world perspective in many different aspects of life. Despite of that, the ones who hold the highest position in major companies or even governing the country always an older person. Some refute to that concept and thinks it is time to change it. Nevertheless, I disagree with that notion and in this essay I will explain why. First of all, a person with vast experience and in-depth knowledge is one of the most crucial criteria in every leader in every organization. Therefore, this criterion fits to an elderly person well compared to a young adult. Middle-aged people usually have had handled difficult and pain stacking challenges and could easily come up with a fair solution for everyone at the same time. For this reason, the committee members prefer someone who knew the management well compared to someone who is inexperienced. For example, a youth who are not well versed with the situation may provide a solution that only leads to more problems. Besides that, an older person has had a higher sense of responsibility as compared to the younger one. They able to understand the needs of every people of vary age and sizes and does not make hasty decision. On the other hand, the younger leaders may not understand the concern of some part of the society and lead to tense frictions between themselves as they do not think through the consequence of making irresponsible decision. Therefore, for instances, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad has been elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia as the citizen trusted him to bring back the glory that Malaysia once had, even though, he is nonagenarian. In conclusion, I strongly stated that it is better for elderly to hold a director position with the collaboration and support of the new generation as it would definitely flourish the nation further.
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