You are about to go on vacation for a month. A friend from another town will come and stay in your apartment. Write a letter to this friend. In your letter explain where your friend can get the keys to the apartment give your friend some instructions about using your apartment recommend some places to go

Dear John, I hope you're well and looking forward to your stay at my place. I'm just writing to tell you a few things that you'
need to know. The
thing you'
need to do is pick up the keys from one of my
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. Just pop round to number 10 any time after 5 PM and ask for Sarah. She'
be expecting you, and she'
tell you which key is which. If the weather gets a bit warmer, you might want to turn the heating off. Just open the cover on the boiler in the kitchen and look for the "On/Off" switch. You can
open the window using one of the keys, but please shut them if you go out. The only other thing to tell you is that there'
be a festival in the town
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during the
week of your visit. It would definitely be worth checking out. And don't forget to go to that restaurant I told you about, it's called "The Grill" and it's just across the street. Enjoy your stay, and look after the flat! See you soon Adam

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