A government's role is only to provide defence capability and urban infrastructure, such as roads, water and power. All other services, such as education, health and social security, should be provided by private groups or individuals in the community. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The role of government has become a debatable issue. Some natives believe that the ministry should only provide services related to defence, infrastructure and electricity.
, other services should be given by other private companies. I think authority and private firms should joint their hands together for the development of the nation.
essay will discuss the reasons behind
need with some feasible conclusion.
To begin
with, The revenue of government mainly comprises tax money so it is quite difficult for the authority to allocate funds on all sectors with the need of the natives. I think power should allocate money on defence and infrastructure because both sectors are vital for the security and development of the country. If ministry spent money on defence,
they would be able to protect the country from enemies like terrorist attack, war etc. At the same time, funding in infrastructure helps to raise the economy and
promote international business.
, some private companies should come forward to provide services to the community.
, these firms help to upgrade the nations with new technology and bring advancement in all sectors.
For example
, there are many private institutions and hospitals in India which serve the public with the latest development like smart classes and new technology to curb major diseases like cancer, heart attack etc.
will not only enhance the economic growth, but
helps to curb major concerns of the nations like unemployment, health issues, poverty and so on. In conclusion, no doubt authority is obliged to serve the country through services. It is
suggested that private companies and society as a whole come forward for the well being of the nation.
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