Big salary is much more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree? Provide relevant examples if necessary.

It is believed that a higher salary is more important than job satisfaction. In any case, I do not agree with this idea at all. In my opinion, job satisfaction is more necessary. Firstly, I think it is useless to have a high salary where there is job satisfaction. At the same time, higher wages may be more substantial to many people, but it must be acknowledged that over time, they come to the conclusion that career pleasure is significant. It is also believed that if there is no job satisfaction, employees are generally unproductive. Basically, it is as if they are forced to work. And in fact, the productivity of a company or enterprise is quite low. This fact has been proven by many researchers. Recently, many companies prefer job amusement in the job process. Secondly, it is quite possible to get the highest profit and implement large-scale work processes when there is assignment comfort. Specifically, some people leave their jobs despite having a high earnings because they do not have job satisfaction. Certain groups of people pay special attention to job satisfaction. They place special emphasis on being a qualified professional in the direction of a career or any special, as well as operating productively in a performance environment. Of course, for a certain productivity, task enjoyment is the main nuance. Finally, I believe that job happiness is more important than a high pay because it attracts and motivates people.
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