Big salary is much important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?

Many employed individuals work in small or large organizations to fulfil a career goal. It has been observed that the high remuneration on the job place is more rewarding than duty. I certainly agree and consider that the employee always look for paid compensation than job satisfaction, while selecting workplace. It is undeniable fact that candidate who complete their higher education, after paid a huge cost of university fees, which are unbearable by many families, have to earn that money through joining well paid organization. If officers do not aim to earn high rewards in terms of salary, they may not recover academic expenditures incurred by their parents. Another reason is, not all employees belong to affluent background, who can enjoy working as recreational activities. As a result, those staff who come from deprived class, have to gain enough money, in order to run their family expenses. A recent study, for an illustration, published in the Economic Times revealed that more than half of the population in India who struggle for money. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that it is psychologically proved that high compensation from the companies, encourage individuals to be productive and enthusiasm. However, some experts believe that the workplace should have inner values rather than wages. I counter this statement and believe that the remuneration is the primary motive of the most of the employees. Because of in materialistic word, human beings are judged through their earnings, not by internal fulfilment. Some experts think that inner values are essential at job place, because if individuals do not satisfy with their work, they may end up themselves with frustration and demoralized. This lead to many organizations offer various facilities to their member of staffs such as tour packages, concession on membership etc., so that they consider working environment is more enjoyable. To sum up, even through receiving other amenities from employer, high wages are the primary goal of most of the executives. In my opinion, employees should consider monetary values rather than other parameters from their companies.
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