It has been claimed that workers over 50 are not responsive to rapidly changing ideas in the modern workplace and that for this reason younger workers are to be preferred. Do you agree?

Many believe that younger people are preferred more than people over the age of 50 in getting ideas on the modern workplace, as older people are not rapidly responsive to the changes. I totally agree with the statement, this is because youngsters easily adapt to the changes and they also learn new thing quickly compared to people at the age of 50. To begin with, whenever there is an introduction of any new technology, the aged person always resists learning such advancement as they are very much comfortable with the existing process. However, the new generation always ready to accept those up-gradation and they know new innovation will be for their betterment as it will reduce their effort giving them more time to focus on other things. For instance, when the computer was introduced in the banking sector of India, all senior people were resisting this modification as they were afraid their job will be lost, nevertheless,juniors in the offices were welcoming this iteration as they knew this will increase their productivity and computer will enrich their knowledge. Also, youth are proactive to update themselves with upgrades in the technologies whereas, people of 50 plus are more reactive to new things. This means if any new operating systems are designed, even before launching of the product, the younger age group try to know about those update in the computer world and they do research to learn those. So that they can use their knowledge whenever that program is out in the public. However, older people have no such interest, they wait till the application is out and then they decide whether to learn or not to learn. To throw light on this, for example, data shows that new software is majorly learnt by modern people. As they are keen to know about the advantages of using such advanced technology in their day to day life, which will help them to improve their skills. However, older people lack this thought of encouraging such modifications. Finally to conclude, although sometimes aged person learns new technologies and give their input on how to adapt with updates , that's very rare. It's always teenagers who are proactive and suggest about new applied science, which can be adapted in the modern workplace.
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