A big salary is more important than job satisfaction. Do you agree or disagree?

A huge remuneration is of more relevance than job gratification. I agree with
statement because not only will a high pay increase the level of motivation, but it will
increase the financial status of the individual. Huge monetary rewards increase motivation for employees. With enough money, these people will be able to meet their basic needs, which in turn spurs a sense of commitment in them.
For example
, Mr John is highly paid in his organization.
motivated him to put more effort into his work, which fetched him recognition as the best staff in his department.
, a fat salary is a major factor which boosts the work performance of workers in any organization.
, Being well-paid Increases the financial status of the individual.
In other words
, the person is able to attain heights or acquire things he would have found difficult.
For instance
, Mr James, who was living in a rented one-room apartment in Oshodi, was able to buy a three-bedroom bungalow in Victoria Island,
month. That was possible because he was employed by Chevron Nigeria PLC, an Oil Producing Company, a year ago.
That is
to say, that the financial level of a person is increased if he earns a fat income. In conclusion, big pay is much more relevant than job fulfilment. I agree with
statement because a high monthly earning pushes a worker to put in more effort into their official responsibilities so that they can achieve more work done in the organization.
In addition
, a person's financial standing is elevated when he is well paid.
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