Employers should give longer holidays to employees to encourage them to do their job well. Do you agree?

There is a common belief that
should make vacations longer for their workers. I partially agree with
statement and I will provide the proffer justification for my reason in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, holidays are vital for employed individuals to relax and lower the level of their stress.
surveys conducted all over the world revealed that longer holiday and shorter working week reduced the stress level and the number of depression cases.
, it skyrocketed the productivity of employees and they mentioned that they were more motivated by their work.
means that an encouraged worker can increase the profits and ratings of
, which is very beneficial for them.
, it can be out of sight that long leaves in the workplaces may cause a huge economic loss to
, in social and hospitality spheres
in particular
For example
, New Year holidays in Russia that
for ten days may cost the
from 10 to 15% of their yearly income. Not only financial issues but
social ones might be affected by
initiative. Prolonged vacations and weekends may lead to behavioural deviations in some people with no hobbies or purposes in life. It can lead them to alcoholism and drug addiction and have disastrous consequences for the economy in the future. In sum, I want to conclude that promote holidays can be encouraging for workers in some conditions
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but should be regulated according to the local social and economic situation. I hope that in the future people will have a better life-work balance and have more quality time for themselves and their families.

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