When choosing the best candidate for a job, employers should consider personal qualities more than qualification and experience. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The job market started being extremely demanding and has changed drastically in the past decades. I strongly believe that the qualification and experience required by each employer are more valuable than the individual qualities. In my opinion, it ought not to be mainly considered while offering any job role.
, employing someone with a relevant degree and gained years of practice will be more beneficial for a company.
, that person can bring fresh ideas and enhance co-workers to
progression in their career leaders.
In addition
, well experienced and trained people are the key to
success and development.
, that person will be able to support others and
for instance
, offer the training and share previously gained knowledge.
, it is important to not let
employee burn out and lose the will to do.
, it is not true that the individual character is less relevant during an interview,
, it should not be the only reason for getting a position. Personal qualities can be changeable and dependant on many factors like weather, day or health condition.
, we can work on them and aim to improve in the future. Definitely, it is not something that will remain at the same level. To sum up, the process of applying for the dream post is a complicated process and never ought to be relying on just one point. Considering candidates abilities and adequate degrees need to be a priority to find the best applicant on the market. The personal traits are good to look at,
, they must be taken to account at the

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