some people think all university students should study whatever they like. Others believe that they should only allowed to study subjects that will be useful in the future, such as those related to science and technology. discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Everyone should follow their desired career for several reasons. If they end up in a course they aren’t interested in, it may not be productive for the
, some people argue that students should be restricted
to learn
Change preposition
from learning
show examples
certain subjects, which are relevant to science and technology. In
essay, I shall discuss both views and state my opinion. Every
should be given the right to choose their intended course of
in university. If that happens there will be a greater number of scholars coming out graduated from university with flying colours. Psychology says that if a person does anything out of his own interest,
he will succeed.
For instance
, if a
Correct pronoun usage
who is
show examples
talented and interested in sports
Wrong verb form
show examples
forced to
subjects that are irrelevant to the field of her desire,
it would be useless because the
will not succeed without her effort and enthusiasm to learn.
, the
will lose a champion. The other side of the argument says, as the
is becoming a place for technology and science it would be useful to learn these for future purposes.
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has grown drastically in recent years and it will grow
show examples
. So, if students
these it would be an advantage for their career in acquiring jobs.
For example
, Artificial intelligence has excelled in almost every field and growing more. It would be a huge trump card to lead the AI
if he masters the course .
will have better engineers and technicians.
To conclude
, though pursuing a career in technology and science is beneficial
Correct word choice
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forcing them to learn these courses would be of no use. Students should not
Wrong verb form
be confined
show examples
to a particular stream of
. It should be left to them
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Task Response
The essay does not fully address the task and lacks a clear position on the issue. The response is mostly superficial and lacks depth and critical analysis.
Coherence and Cohesion
The essay lacks a clear and coherent structure. The introduction and conclusion are presented, but the development of ideas is not well-organized. There is a need for better transition and coherence between paragraphs.
Lexical Resource
The essay demonstrates limited lexical resource and lacks variety in vocabulary. There are also instances of imprecise language and inaccurate word choices. Focus on expanding vocabulary and using appropriate and precise terms.
Grammatical Range
The essay contains frequent grammatical errors, including incorrect verb forms, agreement errors, and awkward phrasing. There is a need for better control of complex structures and sentence variety.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • foster
  • engagement
  • excel
  • innovative contributions
  • diversity in research
  • well-rounded education
  • broad perspectives
  • critical thinking skills
  • mental well-being
  • burnout
  • forced academic paths
  • job-ready
  • skills shortages
  • tech-driven economy
  • employment rates
  • changing job market
  • utilitarian subjects
  • aptitudes
  • wasting talent
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