You have been working as a Manager in a private company for the last two years with no salary raise. Write a letter to your manager to request a pay equity in your salary as compared to other managers in your department. In your letter, explain why you are writing why you think you deserve a salary raise say what you want your manager to do for you

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to raise my concern about the company's sentiment regarding my responsibilities.
To begin
with, I would like to highlight I have been working here as a Manager for two years without any complaint.
I fulfiled all the needs of the company as same as other managers do,
, I do not understand why I am still the same salary while others got promoted and paid a rise. It was miserable for me because I dedicated my whole life to the company. It makes me feel I was something wrong with my performance and it desperately distracted me these days. I would
appreciate it if you would consider my wage to be the same as others since my annual appraisal remark is outperformed too. Else, I am glad to have a meeting with you to know what are my required gaps to get a raise. I trust you will give
matter your immediate attention. Yours faithfully, Tun Naung Win
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