Write a letter to a company asking for a refund for something you bought from them online. Write a letter to the customer service department. In your letter:  Describe the item you bought  Outline what the problem is  Explain why you want a refund

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to request for reimburse money of the returned laptop. which I received faulty and returned on February 20, 2023, after speaking to the customer service department.
, my name is Mandeep Singh your online vendor number is SD2032. I purchased the latest HP brand Laptop through the app on February 15, 2023, model no. 2S3D1LSK, Ram 64GB, core i7, 17" HD screen with all standard accessories. I found a quite better deal on your app rather than other suppliers.
, I received the package fully secured and with a safety covering. But once I tried to set up it, the screen goes black and unable to complete the setup processing. I tried a maximum of two to three times but was unsuccessful. So, I called one of your colleagues from the customer service department regarding
issue. He advised me to raise a request to return by application and the money will be returned to your account within a week.
, on February 20, 2023, the company representative collected the device back to the company. It has been over a week but I did not get the money back.
is the reason to write you
letter to take
matter seriously so I could purchase another device after receiving the payment. Waiting for your kind reply. Yours faithfully, Mandeep Singh
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