You bought a TV a week ago but when you got home you discovered it did not work properly. You called customer service to report the problem but you have not yet received any help. Write a letter to the company and in your letter: a) introduce yourself b) explain the problem c) and state what action you would like from the company

Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Emmy Johnson, a faithful customer who has been shopping at your outlet for the
10 years. I am writing
letter to report the faulty television I bought from your shop at Maitama Road, Abuja two weeks ago. I got the 2023 LED TV fully paid for on the 23rd of May. I was assured
was the latest brand with the best quality pictures. Imagine my shock on getting home and discovering that the images on the screen were blurry. I quickly called customer service to report and was put on hold incessantly.
, I visited the office and was promised a technician who would come check my TV but I have still not been attended to. It's been 2 weeks now and
action is totally unacceptable and abhorrent. I demand a quick refund or a replacement of the TV by the company as soon as possible or I will take legal action. I look forward to hearing from you within a week. Yours faithfully, Emmy Johnson.
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