You are temporarily moving to a new city for your job. You will be there for three months, and you would like to rent some accommodation for your stay. Write to an accommodation rental office. In your letter •Tell them how long you are staying •Describe the type of accommodation you would like •Explain what facilities you will need nearby

Dear rental office, I am writing to ask you about renting a house to stay alone to work for 3 months from the beginning of July 2023 until September 2023 in Ha Noi City. I would like to have a small flat in a high apartment, it will be perfect if I can stay on the 25th floor above.
In addition
, the house should have a living room, a kitchen and a bedroom.
, I need a table for using a laptop and reading books.
, the desk should be included inside the house.
, I really need a fridge, because I like vegetables and fruit. I hope that my flat will be close to a church, because I am a Catholic, and I want to go there at the weekend.
, I will be delighted, if my place will be near the supermarket. Thank you in advance for your assistance with
matter. Yours faithfully, Le Duong Hien (Mr.)
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