You have returned from your vacation staying at a bed and breakfast. When you checked your bank account, you realised you have been charged twice for the deposit. Write a letter to the bed and breakfast host. In your letter: Thank the host for your stay Explain the double deposit charge situation Ask the host for a refund

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to get your attention about the double charge for the security. I would like to thank you for the amazing service and delicious food during our stay.I enjoyed my holidays with my family and my children really enjoyed the pool and games facilities.
, I would like to visit a bed & and breakfast in future too.
, I was a little disappointed by the double charge for the deposit. I paid in advance
booking, so there would be no miscommunication after that. Unfortunately, when I checked my
account, I saw that the deposit money was debited twice from my account. I contacted my
to ask if there are any
side issues but they said the hotel is charged twice, so I would like you to refund for extra deposit That would be great. I used my credit card via online banking, so I hope you will have my
account details. Thank you for your hostile welcome and I am looking forward to your response. If you have any
questions,please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Yours faithfully, Urvashi
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Structure your letter

A letter needs to be written using a proper format, including the following:

  • A greeting (Dear sir/madam, Dear John, Dear Mr. Smith)
  • The main body (consisting of paragraphs for each part of the letter)
  • A closing (Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Best wishes, Kind regards, Love)

When writing a letter as part of the IELTS General Training Writing Task 1, it is important to include the bullet points presented to you in the question.

All three bullet points need to be presented. And remember that some bullet points contain more than one element. So, make sure to watch for ‘and’ and plurals.

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