You are studying for an exam, and you would like some time off work to complete it. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter: Ask for some time off to complete a qualification. Suggest what you will do later at work if you have time off. State how this qualification helps your job or company.

Dear manager, I am writing to request a 3-day leave from next Monday to Wednesday. I am Nancy Davis from the marketing department, and I'd like to explain the reason for my request. Currently, I am preparing for the TESH certification, a qualification test required by the top 100 companies for their marketing team members.
certification will equip me with valuable skills to handle challenging marketing situations effectively. I have already registered for the test, scheduled for October 24th, and I am determined to succeed in a single attempt.
, I kindly request a 3-day leave to fully focus on my exam preparations. Next week, several important projects are scheduled, including a presentation of our new product and negotiations on poster designs. To ensure a smooth transition during my absence, I have delegated these tasks to Mike, a colleague from our department. Mike will oversee the handover process with the executive department. Fortunately, the deadlines for these projects are set for next Friday, allowing me ample time to review all the materials and ensure they meet our high standards. I look forward to your positive response. Yours faithfully, Nancy Davis
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