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All workers in a firm must be given equal treatment and other benefits like holiday leaves. I completely agree with this view of treating employees equally, regardless of their work as it is imperative in building a better working environment.
Employment is the main aim of every individual as it is a great source of money and we need money in order to survive in this modern world. In an organization, it is generally seen that the people working at the management level are provided with a large number of vacations as compared to the other employees. I believe that all employees should be treated equally and should be provided with the same number of vacations in a year and this essay will discuss the same.
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The advent of globalization paves the way to employees for enormous opportunities. Treating the workforce is an indispensible duty of an organization to avoid the labour turnover. However, many a company is treating their workers unequally in terms of remuneration and leave. This essay does not agree with this trend.
This is a crucial responsibility of the association to give equal rights to each of their employee in the order to set a good environment.Every single member must receive equal time off days by company.To my mind, I completely agree with this statement despite the position of the employee and company policies.This essay will shed some light on this statement.
In a company, everybody goes to work at the same moment and leaves the work nearly at the same time. Working hours of the employees are the same and effort that is spent nearly the same. If all the employees spend the same time at the office and spent nearly the same efford then why would the number of vacations differ? In a fair working enviroment, number of vacations should be the same for all employees.
The majority of the high-level employees are getting more holidays than those who are freshers or at the intermediate-level. It is often debated whether all the employees in an organisation should be given an equal number of vacations or not. I strongly agree with the notion that every employee should get the same number of leaves irrespective of their roles in a company.
In the era of modernisation, employment is the main aim for every individual as it is a great source of money and we need money to take care of family, upgrade the standard of living. In an organisation, people who job in management have more the number of vacations per term than employees. So in this essay, I strongly agree that all the people in a company should be treated unbiased and have the same number of vacations per year.
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