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In this day and age, it is believed that animal life and human life is in danger of becoming extinct by logging of the rainforests - a serious issue. From my point of view, I partly agree with this statement for several
In the last period of time vast teritories of rain forests vanished due to massive deforestation.People and animals are badely affected and I think this human action puts in huge danger both of them.
As everyone in this world knows that trees have a great number of benefits to either humans and animals, but there are some groups of populations who are voracious and care only about their profits illegally cut down tre
Rain forests are a gift of nature that inhabit a wide variety of plants, animals and birds. Due to industrialization, more of these forests are being cut down which may eventually end up in the extinction of wildlife and
In modern times, cutting down of trees has become a serious issue which has been acknowledged globally. Consequently, many times it has led to loss of the lives of living beings and would continue to do it at an alarming
Cutting down the forest is one of the major issues currently facing by the world and this can create a path of destruction for the life of many wild animals and humans. I do agree with the given statement. In this essay
In this modern world, deforestation is becoming more common, many countries utilize reforestation to make more space for the housing and other entertainment such as shopping mall, arena, and other else. Those wood which
In balancing the world economic aids growth, the underdevelopment of the third world nations has been drawn to the attention of the developed countries of the Western. Thus, governmental policies and aids in the agricult
We have been struggling with a business for over hundred years, which is the wood trend, and it has been supplied by cutting trees. Even though, merchants know that these trees, rather say forests are livers of the Earth
Rainforests around the world are being destroyed at rates unimaginable. As a result, wildlife habitats are being destroyed and many species of plants and animals are disappearing. There are several contributing factors t
Since trees are an important part of our life and it is very sad to see that people are not taking it seriously. As cutting of rainforests which is harmful to humans and animals are getting extinct due to this. From my p
Deforestation is a serious issue that may lead to the destruction of both, animal and human lives. I partly agree with this statement, as I believe there are some advantages of logging trees as well.
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