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Living in a high standard level is ultimate goal of many people. Many countries around the globe deem economic development as the best tool for improving their living standards. However, there are people who believed the economic growth leads to the loss of social values. In my perspective, this trend has more merits than demerits which are manageable to a great extent. In this essay, I will elucidate my viewpoint with relevant examples.
Living in a high standard level is the ultimate goal of many people. All of us are doing our best to live in comfort and peace. Governments try to satisfy their citizens' needs and provide them with all means of happiness and advance. To do this the economy of should be improved.
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It is evident that the improvement in countries’ economy can bring a good quality of life to their citizens. Nevertheless, it can lead to the loss of human values such as some people might be driven only by money. In my opinion, I believe although it has some negative impact, economic growth by and large benefits societies greatly in many aspects.
Improving the standard of living based on economic development is going to be popular in the majority of countries, which leads to loss of social values. However, benefits can manage dozen of obstacles for each country leading to economic progress .
To lift living standards, many countries shift their focus on economic development. Despite the very benefits it brings to a nation, some are concerned that social value is lost consequently. This essay inclines the notion that the downsides of economic development outweigh the advantages. Analyzing the current phenomenon will prove it.
Economic development is now the way that many countries choose to improve social life but a school of thought holds that the true value of social is missed. From my perspective, the detrimental effects seem to outweigh the benefits although it still provides several achievements.
Some people hold a belief that improving people’s standard of living by stimulating the economy would be in exchange for social value. The essay below aims to present why I personally disagree with this conviction since I believe that the drawback that economic development brings about will pale in significance compared to its benefits.
It is believed that economic development can lead to the improvement of the standard of living. Nevertheless, some others are composed to this idea and claimed that this trend can cause a loss of social value. Despite some obvious negative impacts, I believe that the development of the economy brings more advantageous effects.
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