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After having seen your advertisement on the local newspaper regarding voluntary work in your home next summer, it enables me to write you this letter. As I understood from your ad, you are going to have a surgery on your right leg next summer and your movement will be quite limited for the forthcoming two years.
My name is Jay, and I live in Athens close to Athens technical college. I am writing to let you know that I am ready to help you next summer. I saw your announcement on Facebook recently, and I think I will be able to give you a hand.
I am writing this letter to express my interest in the advertised position for the upcoming summer. Firstly, I am a multi-skilled personality to look after many things at a time despite busy schedules such as taking notes while listening to others. In addition, assisting others while focusing on daily work. Furthermore, I can also take care of the gardening work at 6pm.
My name is Robert. The purpose of writing this letter is to provide the reply to your endorsement which was published yesterday 10 September. As per the requirement for fixing the issues of ceiling fan and washing machine. So I knew how to fix this issue it can be solved in a single day at your own residence.
I am writing to express my enthusiasm to assist you in your domestic work. I am able to aid you in various parts of your house in a range from cooking to reading Persian books for you. I have taken a lot of cooking courses and surfed the net to find diverse recipes for delicious foods. Moreover, I am a very neat and organized person due to this fact, you can peace of mind about your living area.
I write you to express my interest in the job that is advertised in the local grocery store. I am available to help you with domestic duties since I will spend the whole of next summer at home. I am planning to take a year off my studies and travel around the world, so the money will be very welcome.
I am writing this letter in response to the newspaper advertisement that was published last week regarding help needed. I have been living in the Barlett neighborhood for the past ten years, and many people in this area know me very well as I worked as a caregiver in this community.
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