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Although there are many pressing issues in the world today, the preservation of the environment for future generations is an extremely important concern. I agree that humanity should prioritise its addressing of issues that affect the natural world. I wil
The Global Warming is known as the phenomenon that increse temperatures of earch mainly because of human activity, for instance the greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, nowadays the most important task is the protection of the environment for future
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To treasure, the surrounding atmosphere of the earth, in the present era, is incredibly important for our upcoming generations. I completely agree with the aforesaid notion because of various reasons such as air quality for healthy respiration and protec
The earth atmosphere is the key factor for living. To make life possible on earth for the upcoming generation it becomes the duty of every individual to take crucial steps regarding soil erosion, deforestation and fossil fuels. I totally agree with this s
In this contemporary era, human activities are resulting in a harmful impact on our surrounding environment. Hence, the protection of the environment is one of the most important challenges in front of mankind so that future generations can live healthy
With the rise in population, environmental pollution is increasing gradually. The protection of the environment has become the utmost priority for the future generations. I firmly agree with this given statement. The reasons are that if this problem is no
In the contemporary era, human activities have greatly caused negative impacts on the environment. To ensure our next generation has a healthy and comfortable life, I strongly believe that it is urgent to protect our planet.
In this contemporary epoch, the idea of safeguarding the earth for the next generations has been gaining ground recently. Whilst environmentalists hold the view that authorities should deal with environmental matters as their main concern, opponents have
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