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Nowadays, some people believe that scientists and technologists play an essential role in promoting the development of society. While others argue that artists and musicians are also a vital part of our life. In this essay, I will discuss both sides and e
It is commonly believed that researchers and technology contribute more than artists and singers. However, I do also agree our society encourages science and technology but musicians and artists are also a vital part of our society for keeping our culture alive.
scientist's and technologists' worth in society is more than artists and musicians. I disagree with this topic to a great extent.
Deciding which profession is of utmost importance in society is always a topic of debate. While some believe that artists and musicians are valuable as they provide creative expression of voice, I maintain that scientists and technologists are more valua
It is irrefutable that in the modern world, people like scientists and technologists are more valuable for the society. I completely agree with this statement because of a number of reasons.
In this contemporary epoch, the debate over whether or not science and technology are significantly more pivotal than art and music is certainly a contentious one. Whilst there are valid arguments to the contrary, I personally believe that the scientific
With development of mankind, there are number of new professions occurs with changes of human’s needs. It is often argue that science and technology are play vital role in the society, and professionals that are in it adding value to the society than arti
The men of science have devoted themselves from the earliest times,to welfare of the mankind.Artists also play an important role in establishing a healthier society.However,I completely agree that scientists should be valued more due to their contributio
It is said that scientists and technologists provide more value to sciety than articts and musicians. I totally disagree with this arguemt.
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