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Some argued that compared to the older generations, children are more aware of the environmental issues and I totally agree with the statement. The youth has been very active in advocating global issues and I think becau
Some people argue that young adults have a better awareness of environmental issues than older generations. This essay completely agrees with this statement because it is now taught in schools and there is a huge advocac
It is argued, that young ones are more aware of environmental problems compared to elders. This essay completely agrees with the above statement, because the subject of environmental sciences is a mandatory subject are t
These days ecological issues are problems for everybody in the world. Apparently, each individual must try to contribute into the wellness of our ecology. Interestingly, it is stated that children, at some point become m
It is argued by some people that there are more awareness of environmental problems among youngsters than elders. I totally agree with this statement since kids are taught about these issues in schools and they are more
It is argued that adolescents have more knowledge about environmental questions than older generations. This essay totally disagrees that because children are being busy with their studies at the moment ,however, many o
It is argued that teenagers have more comprehension of environmental problems than seniors. This essay completely agrees with that statement because ecological concerns are instilled in children at school from an early a
Some people argue that children have more awareness about environmental problems than older people. This essay totally agrees with this statement because children learn about the environment in school and they also parti
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