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The given graph illustrates the figures of population of a certain country from 1960 and 2040, which is divided into 3 age groups: 0-14, 15-64 and 65+.
The given graph illustrates the population of a single country according to age group starting in 1960 and including a prognosis to 2040.
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The graph depicts the population of a particular country by age group. The red line from the graph indicates the population of children between the age of 0 to 14 years old, the yellow colour line indicates the middle-
The given line chart illustrates the percentage of the population of a country in terms of age group from 1960 until now and the prediction of 20 years till 2040. Overall, it is clear from the graph that the population o
The given line graph illustrates the proportions of various age groups from 1960 and the prediction for 2040 for a certain country. At first glance, the aging population is predicted to increase at the end of the period,
The line chart illustrates the Japan’s citizen by years category beginning in 1960 and counting a prediction 2040. Overall, is clear that the middle population rose sharply and those aged 0-14 and elderly decreased slowl
The line chat illustrates, by age group, the number of people within an area since 1960 and the prediction up to 2040.
The graph represents the comparison of the total citizens according to their age from selected country within 80 years, including predicted population for 2040. Divided into 3 groups, the working age continues to dominat
The line graph illustrates the percentage of various age groups from 1960 and the forecast for 2040 for a certain country.
The line graph illustrates information about the comparison proportion of the population, in three different age groups percentage-wise from 1960 including a forecast for 2040.
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