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In the fast-paced world today, it seems that the tradition of families having meals together is gradually being forgotten. From my perspective, there could be several reasons, concerning the family member themselves, behind the disappearance of this joyful activity. I also firmly believe that the lack of family-gathering time can have some serious implications on both the adults and their children.
Yes we can see in marriage ceremony when people eat to much normal than more then we can see that remaining meal is disapear this impact very badly on families and so ieties usually people came to celebrate ceremony but when meal disappeared so this act disrespectful families feel very bad about this
It is often argued that families do not longer sit together to have their meals. One of the reasons is that, nowadays, individuals are getting addicted to their devices and also losing their patience to wait. These have negative effects on the family and
The practice of assembling around the meal table in a family is vanishing nowadays. The main cause of this is the over usage of electronic gadgets and lack of time, however, this practice has some negative impacts on families and society such as the decli
There is no doubt that individuals maintain their lives more isolated than before. The dinner rituals for special events with relatives are vanishing due to busy lifestyle of people. Therefore, both families and societies have encountered some detrimental
A family structure has been a strong base for our society for centuries, where the whole family use to gather for at least one meal in a day. Recently, this imperative part of our life is fading away. There are several reasons for this, namely, hectic life style and the pressure of paying bills and all, also the detrimental impact of this includes emotional distancing and selfishness in the society. The following essay will discuss these points in detail.
It is true that the original meaning of family dining has been no longer forgotten as the new generation tend to move with their jobs and take ready meals outside. I think that this trend weakened the family bonds within the community.
In the past families used to have their meals together almost every evening. It was the perfect way for the family to spend time together, share about the day and reflect or discuss different topics. Currently, not many families have the luck to be able t
It is true that the meaning of eating together as a family is no longer forgotten. There are many situations and factors resulting in this kind of issue and it has its own examples of why the current people are not encouraging of togetherness. Analysing
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