The line chart below shows the percentage of of people in different age groups who played video games more than ten hours a week between 1984 and 2003

The given graph illustrates the rate of people among separated age brackets spending over 10 hours per week playing computer games over the course of 19 years starting in 1984. Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that the percentage of people of all age groups experienced an upward trend. Meanwhile, the rate of youngsters aged from 15 to 24 playing games registered the highest level out of 4 groups surveyed. In 1984, the percentage of 15-24 category was at 20%. This figure then underwent a gradual increase to about 25% from 1984 to 1993 before fluctuating markedly and finally peaked at around 50%. A similar pattern could be seen in the proportion of 25-34 age bracket, which rocketed to nearly 30% at the end of the period. At the beginning of the period, the 7-14 group stood at 13%, this was followed by an uneven rise to approximately 33% during the time studied. On the other hand, the proportion of people who are 35 years old show the same development but this pattern experienced more stable increase than that of in 7-14 group.
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