Some countries spend a lot of money to make bicycle usage easier. Why is this? Is this the best solution to traffic congestion?

Some countries allocate so much money to make bicycle usage easier. Countries like Japan even build advanced technology for bicycle parking. Some factors that lead to this issue are high rate traffic congestion, widespread air pollution, and decreasing provision of crude oil. In my opinion, traffic congestion is the primary issue of why bicycling is embraced. Referring to where I live, traveling around 15 km distances can consume around 2 to 2.5 hours on a busy workday, while it merely needs around 30 to 40 minutes in uncongested traffic. Many people aim to the same direction, for instance, the central business areas, this is where mass public transports like bus and train can be helpful. People can take buses or trains and then take a walk or ride a bicycle to go to their workplaces from the train or bus station. Another reason why bicycling is embraced is because of the air pollution exhausted from engine-based vehicles like cars and motorcycles. The air pollution caused by those vehicles is harmful to pedestrians and others who live in the areas with a lot of traffic congestion. Researches have shown that air pollution can cause a range of diseases from eyes irritation, asthma, to lung cancer. Limitation of crude oil provision also brings a significant impact on this issue. Crude oil as the only prominent source of energy for engine-based vehicles is deteriorating in term of its quantity. Other sources like electricity are still in the development phase before it can be widely used as a substitute for crude oil. This cause the price of crude oil to always increasing. Some countries even have to subsidize it, to make their economics keep running well, but after all plenty amount of money is needed to subsidize and make the economy hard to raise. In conclusion, bicycle riding is part of the solution for those problems stated above, but it has to be supported with other public transports such as bus or train. It is also more efficient if the government can prepare bicycles for rent rather than each person has to bring their bicycles.
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