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A huge sum of money is spent by some countries for making bicycle easy to use. In my opinion, using bicycle is not only environmental friendly but also helps to control traffic on roads. Although it does not solve the congestion problem completely but would reduce it to some extent.
Some countries allocate so much money to make bicycle usage easier. Countries like Japan even build advanced technology for bicycle parking. Some factors that lead to this issue are high rate traffic congestion, widespread air pollution, and decreasing provision of crude oil.
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Before the invention of motor vehicles, there was only one mode to commute which we call it as bicycle. It was invented back in 19th century by a german civilian named Baron Carl. It took not long enough to invent motor vehicles or say cars. Since then people are more facinated about motor vehicle not just because it is faster but also because it is more comfortable and needs less struggle to operate. As the time passed, the advancement took place one after the other and bicycle was taken over by cars. People now-a-days try to use it more and more to almost everything for example going to trips or to get groceries. There is no limit for it.
These days, different mode of transportation exist in different countries. Some authorities have increased subsidies for the purchase and the maintenance of bicycles for their citizens. Although, this measure is not the most important to solve traffic congestion, it will encourage an active lifestyle and it will help reduce noise and air pollution.
Countries are spending huge amount of budget in order to make the bicycle service usage easy. This is because it is a better and cheap alternative than other vehicles and is also a great assistance in an enormous issue i.e. traffic congestion.
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It is an unquestionable fact that, with the increase in urbanization people are becoming more ambitious towards motor vehicles. Keeping the future of environment in mind, governments are promoting and spending huge amount on bicycle usage, especially to make it easier. But, is this a best solution? This essay will discuss why nations are doing this and whether there is an alternative apart from this proposition.
It is imperative to have a healthy lifestyle. A few nations incur a lot of expense to make the use of the bike more commutable. Although, there are various advantages to this, it cannot be the best solution to traffic congestion.
Now a day, all around the world traffic congestion became a major problem for everyone. The government is trying different methods to find a better and perfect solution for this. Some countries are funding a lot of money in the manufacturer of bicycle and encouraging their use. In my opinion, I believe this might be a good solution for this mess, however, this is not the complete solution for this issue.
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Many countries invest a large sum of money to ease the use of bicycles. The main reason behind this investment is that those countries think that the bicycles help to reduce traffic congestion which is a major problem in city centres. Despite the fact that the promotion of two-wheeler is one of the best solution to address this problem, it alone is not enough to solve effectively.
A number of countries tend to make usage of bicycles much convenient by spending large sums of money on them. The main reasons for this development would be mainly, the Eco friendly transportation and helps to maintain good health of the riders. This essay will discuss the main reasons for the entities to spend more money on a more convenient usage of bicycles and analyse the reasons which supports this as the best solution for traffic congestion.
Countries across the world have been investing heavily in providing easier bicycle access. It seems, the rise is to develop a clean and pollution free environment. Whereas considering this mode a best way to deal with traffic problem is ineffective.
Governments are looking forward to reduce traffic congestion through encouraging bicycle use. I think ever growing traffic is too difficult to be solved by solely more emphasis on bicycle promotion. Other methods are certainly required than to invest in making bicycle a common transport.
Immensely increasing pollutions is concern nowadays. In order to overcome this phenomenon, developing countries are trying to put a tremendous amount of money in spreading awareness among the people for usages of the bicycles. This essay will attempt in order to agree with the statement that it is a considerably inevitable solution.
It is true that the traffic jam has become a serious problem in many countries, and with each passing day, this problem is becoming more and more dangerous in almost all the regions of the world. Therefore, I strongly believed that the use of bicycles instead of heavy vehicles is the best solution to avoid traffic jams. (57)
Over the years, the usage of bicycles has become more popular among the citizens. With its upcoming trend, the government has taken measures to implement new road rules and create paths designated for cycling. This initiative has been very useful in helping with traffic congestion as well as creating a healthier country.
It is considered by some that, many countries nowadays invest huge amounts in the invention of bicycles, as it reduces transportation, which is one of the most alarming problems arising recently.To a great extent, I too believe that bicycles can reduce these issues and help to ease the living conditions of the people.
Few nations around the world are spending a fortune of their national income on facilitating and preparing bicycles infrastructure. While there are some clear reasons for them to adopt such plans, I personally believe that bikes cannot eleminate the rush hours problems in big cities.
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Several nations have been spending an exorbitant amount of money to promote bicycle usage. The prime reason behind this investment is to reduce traffic congestion, which is a major problem in many cities. However, bicycles cannot mitigate this issue alone.
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