Gaming has become a popular e-sport and has been included in some regional and international sports events. Some people advocate this, claiming that there is almost no risk of injury with e-sports; others are worried that the increasing popularity of competitive gaming tournaments may exacerbate video game addiction among young people. Write an essay of about 250 words to present your opinion on this issue. Give reasons and specific examples to support your position.

With the considerable development in the gaming industry, many national or worldwide championship have been created to higher the competitiveness and number of players. Some people support this idea with a statement that e-sports cause no harm to the young’s health. However, others believe that the rising ubiquity of gaming competitions may deter the state of game addiction among youngsters. In my judgement, both those views are satisfactory because of some following points. On the one hand, competitive gaming tournaments are sure to bring about some advantageous points for the young. First and foremost, those gaming events will help to nurture many personalities of teenagers. One remarkably aspect is the cooperation. A professional match normally need many of people divided in two teams or more. Each teams’ members have to perform with great teamwork to get the victory, which can help them in their future careers. E-sports also seem to nourish the desire to accomplish tasks among children, which can be the motivation for them to solve other complicated real-life problems. In addition, games have been proved to better the youngsters’ intellectual faculty. For instance, in a recent study, scientists have discovered that gaming-holic teenagers tend to perform a better reaction and reflection at schools than the others. On the other hand, there are still evidences of gaming events putting negative effects among young people. The most remarkable effect is absolutely the addiction caused by them. In the occasion of those tournaments, teenagers may set all the schooling matters aside to pay attention to every match played, which will badly affect the performance at schools. An indirect contribution to obsessing youngsters with video game of gaming championships is that it causing a wave of interest for gaming. This tendency is a lot more than the days without gaming events. Because of watching the amazing performance of all professionals players, the young easily become desired to be as good as them and start to try hard, which leads to game obsession. To recap, it cannot be denied that gaming events have great potential to be beneficial to young people. However, the negative of them on the youngsters is also impossible to be ignored
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