Some employers offer their employees subsides membership of gyms and sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work. Other employers see no benefit in doing so. Consider the arguments from both aspects of this possible debate, and reach a conclusion.

Seeking way to motivate and enhance employee’s productivity has become a source of major controversy over the years. Some believe that providing free health care service at gym or sport clubs will be beneficial for their staffs, however, I would argue that it would be better to reward employees in another way. On the one hand, it might be said that having a better health is the primarily precursor to the higher out put of staffs. Suffering from serious diseases, workers are more likely to have less contribution to firms in comparison with those one who are in good condition. Due to the fact that, illnesses will limit their working productivity. On the other hand, another point should be taken into account is because of facing to a tight and volatile schedule, some staffs may find difficult to arrange their time for their interest as well as taking care of themselves, financial rewards would be more flexible option. Should workers want to spend their bonuses, they will know what is the best for them and their family. For example, spending company’s bonus on visiting a science and technology museum with my parents, my interest in computer was piqued . After that, new idea online marketing was born that greatly generating our company’s profit in the first quarter, last year. In conclusion, maximizing accumulation always is the priority of all businesses, however, that should be parallel with offering workers financial rewards for their great working effort.
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