A restaurant has placed an advertisement for a manager in the local newspaper. Write a letter to the restaurant, applying for the job. In your letter: explain what you are currently doing describe your suitability for this job Tell them when you are free to attend an interview

Dear sir, I am writing
letter for the reference of advertisement which was published on 30th July in Times Of India. I am Karan 26 years old and currently looking for a job in a restaurant. I am working in a cafe at the moment which is far from my home. I have experience of 5 years in food and service with food handling certificate as well, as
place is near to my home I can work for late nights.
, I can work 40 hours per week and am available on weekends as well. Apart from ,that I am very passionate to work in restaurants. I can take interviews on weekdays because I am working in a cafe at the moment. It can be any time during the day I will be ready with my certificates and experience letters and my graduation memo will be with me while coming. Hoping positive response from you, Yours faithfully, Karan Mummaneni.
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