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It is often considered by some that youngsters should not be allowed to stay outside after dawn, while there are others who think that it is acceptable for teenagers to roam around at night if a guardian is accompanying them. In my opinion, I believe that such practices must be encouraged as teenage is a period where children can venture in the wrong direction, it becomes imperative to keep a close eye on them.
The traditional view that academic achievements is the main criteria of education must be challenged. In my view, teaching practical skills such as cooking and fashion is valuable and beneficial. In this easement, I will discuss that memorizing information and passing tests only cannot prepare students for life.
Reading is a habit which is developed at a very young age as it helps in personality development. Nevertheless, the question is, is it better to read a book or use the internet as everything is available on it. Both situations have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore, I would not agree or disagree with the statement.
Nations worldwide competes to host an international sport occurrence. There is a controversy about its complications and benefits. On one hand, people believe that hosting such event can enhance their economy and they support it. On the other hand, individuals are more concern about their environment and resources. This easement will discuss the both sides and my own opinion.
Since last many years, the world has been facing a plethora of environmental issues. So, it is commonly believed that the earth can only be saved if efforts are made internationally. However, I think that we can start saving the earth individually as well as nationally.
Students in certain countries are suggested to take a year off after completing high school to work, travel and, more importantly, to gain practical experience before kicking off being a freshman at university. This trend comprises of both positive and negative aspects. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits for the young people who decide on it.
The human being naturally getting old day by day. A number of people, today, desire to look younger than their age. The reason is that people want to feel to be liked by other people, and have a sense of life satisfaction. I think that it is a good trend because they spend money for cosmetic products.
In the contemporary era, there is a heated argument over the issue that, whether criminals should keep imprisoned for a long time or they should give proper education and job training for came back to normal life. A lion's share of the society favours it, however the rest goes adverse it. I complete agree with the view that, criminals should give education and training instead of long prison. The following paragraph's would highlight my personal perspective along with an apt example.
Any person who is born with certain qualities might differ from the other counterparts. Some are of the view that nature has equipped males with better than the other gender such as females. I certainly assert this opinion as men have been created with more physical and emotional endurance.
Delinquencies among juveniles are increasing day by day. As both parents are working nowadays, they do not get enough time to look after their children and it is commonly believed as a main reason behind increasing social issues. I firmly agree wit this reason and my inclination are explained in trailed paragraphs.
In the modern age, the amount of rubbish has been a prevailing concern in the significant part of the world. A sea change has been witnessed about the amount of trash in the past. The following paragraphs would elucidate possible reasons of the problem and propose a handful of remedial measure.
A large number of individuals who join an organisation are often lacking in soft skills. This is mainly because of the lack of training and unawareness about workplace etiquettes. There are a number of measures that can be taken to improve the situation at work.
It is inevitable to say that the nations across the globe will definitely face the intense consequences in the upcoming decade in correlation with the ecosystem, population and the education as well. The world-wide news such as depletion of the Ozone layer, melting of the glaciers and alteration in the climatic cycle, are significantly prevalent these days. If analysed deeply, all of the contributing elements seem to be interconnected which following essay will discuss further, and will also present some solutions.
Nowadays, many families have a dual sources of income. In most homes, both husband and wife, have to earn in order to make ends meet. However, some people have argued, that this will be of benefit to the children, while others believe that the children will be affected majorly, as they may lack parental support. In fact, I agree with the former. This essay will discuss both points of view.
Nowadays, the world is at a great risk with proliferation of environmental pollution. Some people are considering that increment of fuel cost will reduce these environmental issues. I agreed with this statement up to a certain extent, however, there are many other ways to deal with this issue instead of looking at only one aspect of the problem. Following essay will discuss both sides of it in detail.
In the contemporary world, people are busy with fighting their own battles to pursue a better quality of life. Even though, advancements in technology and science is helping to make these persuasions a reality to a great extent, still they are looking for a work by a musician, a painter or a writer when they want to obtain their peace of mind. The arts have the great ability of calming down a person's mind, following essay will discuss factors of this in detail.
Readers are leaders! But some parents believe that their children should read only serious materials related to their education and should not waste time on other reading materials such as magazines, comic column in newspaper or reader's digest. I disagree with the concept of students reading only serious educational books, instead they should be allowed to read both.
Advertisements have become an industry over recent years. A number of people think that advertisements affect negatively customers. I completely agree with this view and this essay will discuss why advertising has harmful effects on people despite a few potential advantages.
Advertisements have become a major concern over recent years. While a number of parents believe that children are being manipulated by commercials, advertisement experts suggest that commercials give information. This essay will discuss how advertisements can be misguiding for children and why they can be informative and I will give my opinion.
In the salad days of the millennium, society is polarised into two groups almost equally. Regarding the notion that, whether the government should support the artist with a plethora of incentives or spend money on other sectors such as environment, water etc. However, different people have distinct mindset. I do not agree with both the views. In my opinion, the authorities should support the inventor as well as other matters. The following paragraph would shed light on both approaches before making a final note.
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