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It is an indisputable fact that many adults compulsively build their career. Consequently, they spend less time educating their offsprings. It is agreed that the main reason why childnen are undisciplinied is the parents overconcentration on their jobs. This essay will prove this thesis and underline an appropriate measure for creating sustained relationship with youngsters to develop discipline.
Due to the extremely demanding jobs it is quite hard for the parents to look after their offspring. As a repercussion, the children start engaging themselves into negative activities. I quite agree with this fact. However, I opine that it is not the only reason for the children to go astray as there can some other reasons behind this as well.
In today's worlds, deteriorating discipline of the children is attributed towards the lack of parental attention. I agree with this opinion and believe that parents play a vital role in a child's upbringing. Parents need to spare some time for their children in order to curb their ill-disciplined behaviour.
The first bar chart reveals, the consumption of calories of people, where other depicts the proportion of obese people in 2013 in the same countries.
One of the most conspicuous trends in today's life is a colossal upsurge in the number of people believing that children's are undisciplined because of the parents are busy with their career growth. There is a widespread worry that it will lead to myriads concern in one’s life. This essay strongly agrees that parents are busy with their career advancement and children's grow in an undisciplined manner. Firstly, this study will discuss the fact of spending more quality time with their children’s and secondly, discuss how to avoid over commitment to support their family needs.
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