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There is a prevailing view that the people at top management posts need to be much highly paid in comparison to the people at lower posts in the same organization. I would tend to agree to this view.
Senior management positions are thought by nemerous people to have higher income than the followers in the same company. In my opinion, I completely agree that superior management should receive more incomes than the subordinate.
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I don't think this a correct thing as for senior management positions there should be only one criteria and that should be the knowldege and experience of the person and not the pay package. Pay package should not be decided by the position but the worth of the employ to the company. How much a person is giving to the company and how much company is investing in the employ.
In the present age, senior managers are paid very high salaries as compared to other workers of the same firm. Some people assert it as a good thing, While others argue it as an unfair practice. Personally I agree with the former view.
It is often argued that higher management has bigger salaries as compared to lower position workers. However, some people believe this is unfair and want a change. In my opinion, I slightly disagree the statement and will provide illustrations for the same.
The advance of working has been very important for several decades in order to increase in both of payments and position. Although many people agree with this statement, I disagree with this opinion, as the more you get a higher level the less you will be free. This essay will compare between a management position and frontline worker.
Payscale has always been an area of discussion in the cooperate segment. There is a section of people who think that senior executive compensation should be in accordance with the salaries of lower positions. while some believe that senior authority should be paid high salaries due to the nature of the demand for their job. I completely agree, as when we move up the leadership role a lot more is at stake so the income should be in line with that.
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