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Nowadays, artificial intelligence has the upper hand in the educational process. To an extent, some people speculate that the presence of real teachers at schools will be irrelevant in the soon future. I wouldn’t say bec
The evolution of online learning portals has reduced the need for the physical presence of teachers in a classroom. In other words, it is replacing a teacher's role in the classroom. In my opinion, both teachers and comp
Technology is widely used and is available everywhere. Having a computer has been one of the minimum requirements when studying and there is a notion that the role of the teacher will disappear immediately from the class
The popularity of studying through computers is highly observed these days due to the rise of online courses and learning methods. But there are essential duties for teachers in the classroom because early-aged children
During the last decade, digitalization has reached all the sectors in the world. Especially, the education sector has been converting to digital medium much faster than the other, due to rapidly improving internet penetr
Technology is transforming every aspect of our life including education .this trend benefits both scholar and tutor .beacuse it facilitates easier learning and teaching processes. A segment of society is convinced that s
Tecnology is transforming every aspects of our life including education .this trend benifits both students and teachers .beacuse it facilitates easier learning and teaching processes. A segment of society convinced that
Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives including education. This trend benefits both students and teachers because it facilitates easier learning and teaching processes. A segment of society is convinced th
In the modern era, both teachers as well as technology are playing significant role in children's life. Technology has made many equipments for easier education of pupils in schools. But computers are more used by studen
Nowadays, computer technology has overtaken everything, including academics, which can result in the complete absence of teachers and classrooms. However, I believe the traditional way of teaching in the classrooms can n
Nowadays, the computer system becomes an essential part of our education system and a group of people believes that sooner or later, there will be no requirement of mentors in the classroom. Students will have the facili
It is true that the use of computers has been growing in popularity. While some people believe that computers will eventually replace the role of teachers in the classroom, I would argue that real teachers still play an
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