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The reason why i am writing this letter is that I recently lost a valuable item during my holiday and I would like to inform you that i have a travel insurance policy. This is my watch which I lost item.
The reason why I am addressing you is that I want to demonstrate my misplaced object as well as I am inform you the insurance provider of your desired course of action.
I am writing regarding that I have recently lost my passport when I was staying London's hotel in my holiday trip.
I am writing this letter to insurance company manager that I have recently lost my mobile phone during my holiday in Doha and this item is insured.
I am writing to ask you to pay the insurance for what I lost. I went on a trip to Thailand and stayed in a hotel there. The place was very big and comfortable. The game seemed interesting to me as it was a game to win mo
I hope you're doing well. I wanted to inform you that I lost my brand new phone during my recent trip to Hawaii. I've got travel insurance, and the policy number.
My name is Saidakbar. At the moment i am in Uzbekistan, i want to complaint the main problem why i am writing to you. Last week i lost my expensive item. It is my new Apple vision PRO. This is very expensive thing if y
I am writing this letter to inform that I have lost my camera during my trip to Paris. That camera was valuable for me, because it was my grandfather's present and it had a many memorable pictures.
I am writing to inform you of a recent incident that occurred during my holiday, which requires me to file a claim under my travel insurance policy.
I am writing this letter to inform you that I have recently lost a mobile phone during my holiday in Pondicherry and this item is insured. It was an Apple iPhone 12 which cost me approximately 95,000 rupees. Since I have
I am writing this letter to inform that l lost my bag at bali airport yesterday. I told the airlines company that my bag lost, and they was searching on plane, but unfortunately my bag did not find.
I am writing this letter to inform you that, On my recent holiday trip I have lost my Gold Bracelet. I would like to open a claim regarding this.
My name is SJ and my insurance number is 123. I am writing this email to you as I would like to claim my travel insurance to cover my lost item on my Thailand Trip.
I am writing to claim my lost Samsung phone during the trip. The phone model is Samsung Z fold4 whose approximate market value is $3000. It is a rose gold color device covered with a back case.
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