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Environmental issues are now too huge a problem for individuals and nations to tackle on their own. It has been suggested that international cooperation remains the only route to fight these problems. In as much as I agree that nations need to come together to put an end to these issues, I do not think that it is the only means to solving the problems.
It is irrefutable to sat that Environmental problems like pollution, poor management of waste and biodiversity loss are the major concerns today. However, some people say that Environmental issues are too big for countries and people to address. The only solution to keep safe the environment is to address it at an worldwide level. Well, this is a matter that needs to be deliberated.
It is argued that environmental problems are massive and laborious for countries and people to handle individually and requires collective global intervention to tackle it. This essay disagrees with the argument completely as environmental problems can be approached from the grassroots. The essay will first look at how public awareness of environmental protection and intentional government intervention through environmental laws, sanctions and penalties can reduce degradation in the ecosystem.
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