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Their is no doubt that spending a quality leisure time is extremely important for rejuvenating from busy professional life. While some believe that one should not spend his spare time with his colleague, I would agree with those who argue that people develop great bond while working togather, and if they are comfortable, they should spent free time togather.
Leisure time is a basic requirement for every people in the world. In our modern day to day to life, spending leisure time has become the main entertainment medium for people around the world. However, who should we spend our leisure period with requires a discussion.
Some people do not have problem in spending their free time with their officemates whereas some like to maintain their personal life isolated from their professional life. Both the sides of the life are important, however, personal life should not mingle with work life.
How should people spend their personal time has become a hot topic of discussion these days. Some people perceive that we need to spend more time with our colleagues while others believe that our personal time shouldn’t be involved with our work life. In this essay, I shall discuss both perspectives in detail before reaching a final verdict that both perspectives hold equal significance.
Although some people believe work-life should be separate from personal life; however, others think that is it crucial to spend leisure time with family. Personally, I would prefer to spend my free time with my family. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my opinion.
Generally speaking , people have different preferences on how they want to spend their pass time.Whereas a particular segment of society loves to spend free time with their fellow workers , others opine to maintain a barrier between their personal life and corporate life.However, this essay will examine both views and provide my overall opinion.
Although some people like to spend their free time with their workmates,others keep their personal life away from work life.In my opinion,there should be a gap between once personal and professional life.
The idea of spending free time with co-workers has always been a subject of debate. There are some people enjoy spending their leisure time with their colleagues, whereas there are other people like to keep their private life separate from their official work life. Although arguments on both sides are worth exploring, I firmly believe that having personal life is more preferable but this idea have the certain reasons of debate.
It is a common belief that some people do not care about doing something for their rest of time with their peers. However, there is a persuasive argument that some people do not want to spend their leisure time with co-workers, as they think that they have a different style of enjoying leisure time or if they spent rest of time with peers, that is an extended work life.
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