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Many people argue that the government should spend more money and time on the proctection of wild animals or on human populations.In my prespective, everything has its pros and cons,and we need to delve into both sides b
While it has long been debated whether we should be working to save wildlife or improve the living conditions of humans, I tend to believe that wildlife should have a role to play in the world and therefore, investing in
While some people envisage that it is better for spending much cash and time on preserving wild animals, others believe that human populations are more pivotal. I agree that it is wiser for people to allocate their money
Certain environmentalists believe that it is crucial to devote a considerable amount of time and finance to preserve wild species whereas some individuals think otherwise saying that the resources need to be used to incr
People have different views about whether money should be spent on protecting wild animals or improving the quality of human being's life. In my opinion, I argue that both sides are equally significant.
It has come to a public debate that the government should allocate money to preserve exotic species while others concord with investing in humans.I agree with the latter because there are many human priorities to which f
In contemporary society, the controversial topic about whether government should put huge budget on wild animals or human populations never fails to attract public attentions. Some people believe that fund should spend o
Nowadays, governments are spending enormous money to save wildlife.A chunk of individual’s opines that the budget on wild animals preservation should be increased, whilst others are sceptical about it. I; however, believ
Human beings consider themselves at the top of the food chain and control most of the living creatures on the planet. It is believed by some that considerable time and monetary allowance must be contributed to the wildli
While many advocate that the budget on wild animals preservation should be increased, the opponents argue that these resources are there to serve humanity matters. From my perspective, everything has its pros and cons, a
Over the past decade, it has become a controversial issue as to whether people should spend time and use expenditure on protecting wild animals or on the survival of humankind. In my perspective, it would be reasonable t
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